How Far Will You Go 4 Water?

In order to preserve our fresh water resources and have a positive impact on the global water crisis, we must create more awareness and reconnect people with the fresh water resources in our own backyard.


Make a commitment to clean water for all. Invest in the 2.1 billion people who still lack clean water, the 4.5 billion who don't have a safe toilet, and the next generation that we have to engage on these issues.

Event Info
Beginning on June 20, you will have 10 days to complete and submit your 4 mile time. Don’t worry- 1 mile options are also available! Or, compete in the 10 Day Challenge by completing 4 Miles every day for 10 days (walking or running) to be eligible for bonus prizes. 4 miles is the average distance many people in the world have to walk in order to collect water. Others do this every day- you just have to do it for 10 days if you opt in for the 10 Day Challenge. You got this!

Looking for where to run?
Run/walk anywhere you want but know that we will have 4 courses that you can run and see how your time stacks up. This is different from the official results but gives you a chance to earn bragging rights as we will share the leaderboards to social media → #4M4W2020

Course Options: (Download map of all courses)

The Great Lakes Brewing Company Course

The Jukebox Course

The Port of Cleveland Course

Near Westside Course

Kinetico 4 Mile Route at Punderson State Park

Moen 4 Mile Route near the Nature Center


How can I win prizes and what are the prizes?
EVERYONE is able to win prizes! Connect on social media using #4M4W2020 June 20th-29th.

How to Submit Results:

  1. You will receive an email and SMS text message with a unique link to your profile
  2. Click your name to enter your time and additional information
  3. If you have registered other participants, you can submit their results through the same process.
  4. You can make updates to your results at any time before the submission deadline in your participant account.
  5. With any questions, contact

Link to How-To Guide:
Link to Results:

If you are registered for the 10 Day Challenge, you will have the option to submit your time for each day by repeating steps 1 through 5


Why Run 4 Miles 4 Water?

You get a custom 10th Anniversary Runners Medallion! (first 300 people who opt in)

NEW Challenge Categories available in 2020 will test your abilities and persistence to run 4-miles, every day, for 10 days. Or walk those miles if that’s more your style.

NEW chances to win and prizes and gift cards; not all prizes will be time based.

And your entry will bring clean drinking water to 1 person FOR LIFE!

Create or join a team for added motivation and each member is bringing clean drinking water to one person for life!

NEW- Playlists for you to cruise to!


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