Take action locally and globally to care for our shared water.

Wavemaker Program

Become a Wavemaker with Drink Local. Drink Tap., Inc. 

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New curriculum is coming late 2020! View an overview of the 15 STEM-connected lesson plans DLDT_WavemakerEducatorLetter.

Drink Local Drink Tap’s Wavemaker Program is an opportunity for you to take action locally and globally to care for our shared water. No matter how old you are, this is your chance to become a ‘water steward’ and keep our water clean. To become a ‘wavemaker’, means you are doing your part to reduce the use of plastic water bottles, reduce the amount of trash in our communities and waterways and teach your friends, family, and community about the need for clean and safe drinking water.

DLDT will come to your Zoom class, classroom or auditorium throughout the school year to speak about local and global water issues. The program will inspire students to become water stewards and provide teachers with support and tools to engage in service-learning, global learning and environmental issues. This school year, 2020-21, our Zoom visits are FREE and fun!


Please schedule a classroom visit by emailing Kristine@drinklocaldrinktap.org.

How do I become a ‘wavemaker’?

To be a ‘wavemaker’ you must commit to the following things:

  • Stop buying single-use plastic water bottles and commit to a reusable water bottle
  • Volunteer at a beach cleanup in your area or host your own beach clean up (Drink Local Drink Tap hosts monthly beach cleanups in Cleveland)
  • Participate in 4 Miles 4 Water
  • Do your best to reduce water waste
  • Raise funds to help students in Uganda access safe water
  • Arrange for DLDT to come to speak at your school, church, temple, community, etc.

In addition, you can:

  • Start a fundraising page for 4 Miles 4 Water and try to raise at least $125 to buy a water filter for a family or register to walk/run which will bring clean water to one person for life
  • Host a documentary screening of “Making Waves: From Cleveland to Uganda” and inspire your community to become better water stewards and to appreciate the water resources we have
  • Encourage your school to be in a “no plastic water bottle” zone. If whole cities can do it, we believe you can too!

We are excited to work with passionate educators and youth leaders to inspire our youth!

Contact Kristine@DrinkLocalDrinkTap.org or call 440-381-6430


Make a commitment to do something BIG. Volunteer at a beach cleanup, start your own, or clean up the streets near your workplace, school, or neighborhood. All water is global water and what we do here matters everywhere! Check our calendar or signup for our newsletter for beach cleanup dates if you are near Edgewater Park in Cleveland, Ohio. You can download instructions to lead your own beach cleanup below.


wavemaker-schoolInvite Us to Your School, Business, or Community Group

We can help you become a wavemaker in the world and share our adventures and experience in the US and abroad. We have limited sponsored slots each school year to visit your school, speak about local and global water issues and leave you with steps you can take individually and in your school to become part of the solution. Download our Drink Local Drink Tap. Introduction.

4-miles-4-waterGive Back

Schools, businesses, and community groups are invited to raise funds through individual fundraising or by joining 4 Miles 4 Water each year in Cleveland or virtually from anywhere. Your drop in the bucket really does add up to make safe water happen for our partner communities in Uganda.

Tools for Teachers

Download our Wavemaker Kits for schools-NEW KITS COMING IN 2021!

Find beach cleanup resources on our Beach Cleanup Page.

Download our Letter to Middle School Educators or Letter to High School Educators

Watch our Documentary Making Waves from Cleveland to Uganda

Making Waves from Cleveland to Uganda is a story about how one person can impact the world.
Watch and learn about Drink Local Drink Tap’s first water project in Africa and be inspired to make a difference.