Katebee Primary School (Clean Water)

Project Location: Rwandama Village, Nabiswera Subcounty, Nakasongola District, Uganda

People Served: 377

Project Funding Needed: $6,000 This project is being sponsored by DLDTap Wavemaker Program students, 4 Miles 4 Water, and the sponsors below.

The Problem

As you can see in this picture with Gracious and Robina, there is no clean water for Katebee. Not only will a new water source help the school, but it will help the community. DLDT found Gracious and Robina -in the photo with green water- in January 2017 and stood in shock of what was happening. Kids miss a lot of school due to sickness and not having a nearby water source (see pictured e coli test). DLDT quickly got to work with these eager parents and teachers to help their children be healthier and go to school.

The Solution

DLDT surveyed and will build 20,000 liters of rainwater harvesting with taps and water filters

Thank you for funding this project:

To sponsor this project directly please contact Erin Huber.